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We specialize in tailor making your tour to ensure you get the perfect safari itinerary for you tastes and budget.

Wildlife Safaris

Each of our Tanzania safaris and wildlife tours, is a once in a lifetime holiday travel experience. It touches something deep within you and can be an affordable getaway that will never be forgotten.

kilimanjaro mount

Mountain Trekking

Feeling adventurous? Ever dream of standing on the roof of Africa? We offer itineraries for all of the routes on Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as neighbouring Mt. Meru.

Tanzania cultural tourism

Cultural Tourism

Tanzania cultural tourism is the best way to experience the charm of the friendly Tanzanian people first-hand. There are several cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the country

  Pakiteng’ is a Maasai word, meaning a “ best friend”, since 2009, the idea of creating something out of my study, as far as tourism is a concern; The idea came up, knowing that through the friendship I have with my fellows colleague, friends around the world, I can share my Maasai culture, the wildlife diversity of my country to other friends around the world. Even the start was too slow, but here we are, still dreaming that one day, we can do something better. So as friends we can join our hands and help each other achieving what we always dreamed about.

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A good starting point is to decide the kind of safari holiday that you would like as well the type of animals that you would like to see. The timing could also be an important consideration, so some game parks and areas will be more suitable at certain times of the year. Our professional consultants want to ensure you get the best possible chance to see Tanzania’s wildlife in optimum conditions.

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